CarboPouch™ for Filling of Draft Beers

PouchPaQ™ LLC offers pouches to the craft beer industry as well as for outdoor activities.
Features and Benefits:


  • 64 oz CarboPouch™ to replace the traditional glass growler filled at local craft breweries
  • 32 oz CarboPouch™ to meet local legal requirements
  • 2 liter Beverage-on-the-Go™ Pouch for outdoor activities like river rafting, picnics etc.
  • 9 oz StadiumPaQ™ to replace plastic cups in sports stadiums
  • Patented pouch design and structure keeps draft beer fresh up to 7 day when kept cold
  • BarrelPaQ™ pouches for wines (replaces bag-in-box). One 3 liter pouch replaces four 750 ml bottles
  • CarboPouch™ and BarrelPaQ™ brands meet SECAMP™ requirements for zero carbon dioxide emission

Multi64™ with Corner Fitment

Beverage-on-the-Go - Buy Now
CarboPouch™ 2 Liters

Multi64 CarboPouch™ 64 oz

Multi64 BeerPouch™ 64 oz
Unprinted with Custom Label

Carry-out Six-pack
for Single25 StadiumPaQ™

Single25 StadiumPaQ™

Traditional Glass Growler Replaced by CarboPouch™

32 oz CarboPouch™


3 Liter BarrelPaQ™ pouch

Custom printed Handbag BarrelPaQ™ Wine Pouches